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Civil Litigation

The term “civil litigation” is a phrase universally cited by law firms to express to prospective clients that the firm offers a wide range of trial and trial related work such as arbitration and mediation.  However, the term “civil litigation” is too generic a term to properly explain what differentiates one law firm’s manner of representing its clients from another.

In addition to providing outstanding legal services to our clients, Gary Weiss, P.C. was founded upon forming personal relationships with our clients.  We demand more of ourselves, and our clients see that we focus on their individual needs and goals.   We want our clients to know that it is our privilege to provide our services to individuals – not just to “clients”.  To further provide greater services to our clients also requires that we involve our clients in the legal process as teammates.  Our team approach leads to better legal representation and allows us to provide our clients with a comfort level that many larger law firms may not be able to provide.

Experience Counts

Gary S. Weiss founded the Law Offices of Gary S. Weiss, PC in 1996 with the goal of providing outstanding legal services that are strategically sound for the firm’s clients and tailored to suit the particular legal issues and the client’s best interests economically. The Law Offices of Gary S. Weiss P.C. prides itself on forming and maintaining personal and long-term relationships with clients. Maintaining these long-term relationships allows Gary S. Weiss to help insulate his clients from potential future legal problems and to assist in each client’s growth and success.

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