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I previously co-owned and operated a carpentry sub-contracting company.  Because I worked on job sites and managed the company, I understand the construction industry in a way that any other attorney that has never worked in the industry can. 

I have been providing exceptional and unique legal services to clients in the construction industry because of my experience as an owner and operator of a general contracting and carpentry sub-contracting business. My experience as a contractor gives me an edge over other attorneys who lack practical experience in the field. I understand the challenges, risks, and opportunities that contractors, owners, and developers face in every project, and I know how to protect their interests and rights.

I specialize in construction law, mechanic’s lien law, and construction litigation, representing clients in disputes involving payment, performance, defects, delays, and contracts. I also help clients with drafting, reviewing, and negotiating construction contracts and agreements. I have successfully handled cases in state courts, arbitration, and mediation, achieving favorable outcomes for my clients. I am passionate about advocating for the quality, integrity, and fairness of the construction industry, and I take pride in delivering personalized and effective legal solutions.

I personally dealt with GC’s who do not timely pay and suffered the consequences. I have seen true craftsmen go unpaid or have to accept a percentage of what they were owed and I’ve seen contractors who have no pride in their work perform sub-standard work to make a quick dollar.  As an attorney concentrating in Construction Law and Mechanics Lien disputes, I am constantly faced with the ugly side of the industry, and I understand the consequences of going unpaid, settling for a percentage of a contract and the bad contractors and the damage that they cause to owners — and the damage that owners inflict on tradesmen. 

Having lived the life, I seek to protect my clients with solid contracts and provided advice to keep them out of having to go to court. But, if a matter must be litigated, I have over 30 years of court experience. I have real – world knowledge of the construction industry that other lawyers who never swung a hammer or went un-paid and as lawyer I have prosecuted and defended owners, contractors, and sub -contractors.

I always meet with potential clients at no cost because I believe that every person should have the opportunity to learn their rights and then decide as to the law and how it applies to their situations.

Please see my reviews on Justi.com and other legal sites and see for yourself how I work, in the words of those that I have represented.  

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About The Law Offices of Gary S Weiss PC

Gary S. Weiss founded the Law Offices of Gary S. Weiss, P.C. in 1996 with the goal of providing outstanding legal services that are strategically sound for the firm’s clients and tailored to suit the particular legal issues and the client’s best interests economically.  The Law Offices of Gary S. Weiss P.C. prides itself on forming and maintaining personal and long-term relationships with clients. Maintaining these long-term relationships allows Gary S. Weiss to help insulate his clients from potential future legal problems and to assist in each client’s growth and success.

Gary S. Weiss

Gary S. Weiss graduated from Loyola University School of Law in 1990. Gary has participated as an instructor in Loyola’s Trial Practice Program and was a contributing author to publications for both the Chicago Bar Association, The Illinois Institute of Continuing Legal Education, and participated as an assistant editor of Callahan’s Appellate Advocacy Manual.

Gary has concentrated in commercial tort and fraud litigation and has obtained emergency relief for his clients to immediately stop the infliction of continued damage through temporary restraining orders and injunctive relief. In such exigent circumstances, the firm can commence litigation to protect his clients within 48 hours.

Gary’s strength as a construction litigator is unique to the construction industry, because Gary has owned and operated a general contracting and carpentry subcontracting company.

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